Sunday, March 28, 2010

A note on theft...sorry if this disturbs anyone.

I own a bead shop, its a very nice bead shop! Its probably the best shop this side of the border, many customers have told us.
We have very fair prices, we are bright, clean, and neat.
We have tons of sample to inspire you, we have great service.

However, some customers like to take advantage of our wonderful shop .
When I find that something has been stolen, I take this very personnally.
Its all MY stuff until you have paid for it.
We are not some giant conglomerate like Walmart, we are a personal shop, all the merchandise and samples belong to ME. You are stealing from ME.

(any in case anyone wonders why I do this, run a bead shop, its not because its a wonderful life, although some days it is. I have a son with Special Needs who needs to be taken care of when he is an adult, this shop will hopefully allow me to provide a home for him one day. So you are also stealing from David as well. I will use the pity card when necessary.)

My staff also feel responsible when items are stolen. They are all such wonderful ladies, how can you do this to them ?

Would you believe we often have samples stolen ?, even though everything is either tied down or pinned. We use those samples as inspiration, people like to see them! so those theives are also taking from my customers.

If you have received less than stellar service, just let me know, don't steal as a payback. If your "friend" who is with you steals something as a joke, let them know its disgusting and don't bring them back.

We have cameras in the store, and we watch the monitors. We ask you to use a shopping basket and keep your handbag closed so you can feel comfortable in the store and not think we are suspicious.

While I am on a tear here, just a quick note about returning items to the store. Returns are a privilege, not a right. Don't expect us to spend ages helping you choose beads for a project and you return the lot a few days later. We feel taken advantage of. Please choose your beads carefully.From now on, all returns are at the discretion of the manager, or me.

I don't expect to have offended anyone here except the guilty.